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Join us at Fourth Platform Event of RIM Plus (Brussels, 16 December 2015)


“Lightweight Strategies and their Contribution to Added Value Manufacturing - A Heavy Topic?”

On 16 December 2015, the Regional Innovation Monitor Plus (RIM Plus) is organising in cooperation with DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission and Saxony Liaison Office in Brussels, an innovative showcase event dedicated to the theme of lightweight design.

The idea of lightweight means a manner of construction, which with respect to material, construction and manufacturing aims to reduce the mass and increase the quality of a good and all its elements. The available data suggests that achieving 10% decrease of the weight within broadly defined area of mobility (i.e. cars, trucks, transport and machinery) would contribute to some 3b tons of CO2 reduction worldwide.

In the concept of advanced manufacturing lightweight construction is one of the crucial points. Yet it is not enough to integrate a few number of lightweight parts into the process of manufacturing. Lightweight design needs a holistic approach from the choice of the adequate material and the manufacturing process to the recycling of the good after its time of use.

There are still many questions ahead: How do we prevent too much waste of lightweight components when it comes to mass production? Are there limits of lightweight in construction? How will changes in weight affect the driving behaviours of an extremely lightweight car? How can we recycle a maximum of components of a lightweight product after its use?

This workshop aims to give an overview of state of play and recent developments in advanced manufacturing with a clearly defined thematic focus on lightweight construction but also tries to identify key challenges and explore new opportunities for the future in this area.

Please find enclosed the AGENDA with more detailed information about the event.

When: 16th December 2015 (9.00 - 13.30)
Venue: Saxony Liaison Office Brussels, Avenue d’Auderghem 67, 1040 Brussels (Metro Schuman)
Registration: Please register online. Just CLICK HERE!

We hope that you will be able to honour us with your presence in this important event and look forward to welcoming you in Brussels.

On behalf on the Regional Innovation Monitor Plus.