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2nd Geography of Innovation International Conference 2014 (Utrecht, the Netherlands)


Conference background
The Geography of Innovation Conference provides a forum for discussion to scholars and practitioners interested in scientific, policy and strategic issues concerning the spatial dimension of innovation activities. The main objective of this event is to bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines ranging from economic geography, economics, management science, sociology, network theory, regional science and urban studies.The conference invites contributions in a wide range of topics underlying the geography of innovation such as: global and local dynamics of innovation, science and technology policy, cluster competitiveness, firms R&D strategies, entrepreneurships, innovation systems, sustainable and social innovation, industrial dynamics and innovation networks.

Keynote speakers
Martin Andersson (Lund University)
Elisa Giuliani (University of Pisa)
Simona Iammarino (London School of Economics)
Olav Sorenson (Yale University)

Local organisers:
Pierre Alex Balland, Ron Boschma, Riccardo Cappelli, Gianluca Capone, Dario Diodato,
Koen Frenken, Matté Hartog, Andrea Morrison, Frank van Oort, Sergio Petralia.

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