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Poitou-Charentes is a former French administrative region located in the western part of France. Bordering with the Atlantic Ocean and four other regions (Pays-de-la-Loire, Centre, Limousin, Aquitaine), the region had 1.8m inhabitants in 2016 living on a total surface area of 25,809 km² (Eurostat 2017) giving a population density of 70 inhabitants per km². It represented 2.7% of the national population, and since 2013, its population has been growing at +0.34% per year on average (+0.56% in France for the same period) (Eurostat, 2017).
In 2016, Poitou-Charentes merged with Limousin and Aquitaine to form the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. Located in the south-west, the new region Nouvelle-Aquitaine covers 84 061 km² and became the largest French region.

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