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North East


The North East region is bounded by the North Sea to the East, Scotland to North and the Yorkshire & Humber region to its South and West. It comprises the counties of Northumberland, County Durham, the Tees Valley and the metropolitan area of Tyne and Wear. The region includes stark contrasts between the metropolitan areas of Tyne and Wear, the industrial area of Teesside and the rural areas of Northumberland.
It covers an area of 8,592 km2 (3317 sq. miles) and has a population of about 2.6m (the lowest populated region in the United Kingdom (UK)), which has been growing by 2.2% between 2001 and 2011 - the slowest growing region in terms of population in the UK (UK National Statistics, 2013).
The region has industrial and R&D strengths in healthcare and health/life sciences, energy and the environment and the process industries. There is a recent growing trend in productivity, jobs, income and investment and the economy is becoming more mixed with an increase in knowledge-based businesses.

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