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Catalonia (capital: Barcelona) is located in the northwest of Spain and occupies a territory of 32,107 km2. Geographically, the region enjoys a strategic position that has favoured intense relations with the Mediterranean territories as well as with continental Europe. In 2019, Catalonia had 7,566,431 inhabitants, becoming the second most populated region in Spain with a share of 16.1% the total population (Eurostat, 2020). The official languages of the region are Catalan and Spanish. Catalonia’s economy is based on a long-standing industrial tradition, which has experienced a progressive transition to a new economic model. For instance, in the metropolitan area of Barcelona there is a dense and innovative industrial community of small and medium-sized companies and an active presence of large multinationals, particularly in the biomedical, agro-food, automobile and telecommunication sectors. In addition, Catalonia has a long tradition of scientific research. It currently stands out in the bioscience field, although all fields of research are represented in Catalonia to some degree, both in the generation of knowledge and in its application.

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