Submit your question to the public procurement ex-ante assessment helpdesk

National authorities can contact the helpdesk on specific issues they face when developing the procurement plan for a project with a total estimated value of at least €250 million or of otherwise high importance.

Questions might include:

If necessary, the helpdesk can continue to offer advice throughout the project, e.g. on issues related to award procedures or the possibility of amending existing contracts. However, any detailed assessment of the broader procurement plan or specific aspects of it, will have to be conducted under the notification mechanism.

Example of a helpdesk question: future construction of a railway line

A contracting authority is considering the best procurement solution for the construction of a new, 150-km railway line. The authority could contact the helpdesk to inquire:

If the railway line links 2 different countries, the helpdesk could also be contacted:

If a contract needs to be modified after it has been signed, an authority can submit questions concerning the conditions under which contracts could be modified. This would help it to decide whether or not a modification is possible without a new transparent procurement procedure.