Public procurement ex-ante assessment mechanism

A quick tour of how the National authorities and Contract authorities/entities can use the mechanism to raise questions with the Commission and receive an assessment of a project’s compatibility with the EU regulatory framework.

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The helpdesk provides guidance, answers questions and clarifies specific issues at an early stage in the preparation of a public procurement plan. It is for infrastructure projects with a total estimated value of at least €250 million or of otherwise high importance.

Once a decision is reached on how a project will be carried out from a public procurement point of view, and the preparation of the tender documentation is advanced, authorities can notify us, and we will provide an assessment with our views on whether the procurement plan complies with EU procurement rules. This is for infrastructure projects whose total estimated value exceeds €500 million or is of otherwise high importance.

The information exchange mechanism is a tool for the Commission and contracting authorities to share information about various public procurement aspects of large infrastructure projects. The mechanism also serves as a platform for discussing different aspects of procurement projects, such as the type of procurement procedure involved, the project stages, implementation problems, etc.