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Vojenský technický ústav, s. p.
Mladoboleslavská 944
Praha 9-Kbely 197 06
Country : Czech Republic

Phone : +420 222 282 111
Fax : +420 284 817 086

Email :
Website :

Notified Body number : 2452

Last approval date : 09/05/2013

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Some information about the accreditation details are available in the PDF
Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Personal protective equipment    
Last approval date : 06/01/2018
Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
Equipment providing buoyancy aid
Equipment providing protection against cold [ > -50°C ]
Equipment providing respiratory system protection
Protective Equipment against drowning
Protective Equipment against falls from heights
Protective Equipment against harmful biological agents
Protective equipment against chemical agents
Specialized areas of competence: Protective equipment for diving
EU type-examination
Quality assurance of the production process
Supervised product checks at random intervals
Annex V
Annex VIII
Annex VII