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UDEM Adriatic d.o.o.
Radnička cesta 54/R3
Country : Croatia

Phone : +38514819601
Fax : +38514819434

Email :
Website : www.

Notified Body number : 2696

Version(s): 1 2 3

Last approval date : 02/11/2020

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2006/42/EC Machinery    
Last approval date : 10/01/2017
Products Procedures Articles/Annexes
9. Presses, including press-brakes, for the cold working of metals, with manual loading and/or unloading, whose movable working parts may have a travel exceeding 6 mm and a speed exceeding 30 mm/s
10. Injection or compression plastics-moulding machinery with manual loading or unloading
11. Injection or compression rubber-moulding machinery with manual loading or unloading
13. Manually loaded trucks for the collection of household refuse incorporating a compression mechanism
16. Vehicle servicing lifts
17. Devices for the lifting of persons or of persons and goods involving a hazard of falling from a vertical height of more than three metres
EC type-examination Annex IX - Art. 12 (3) (b) and (4) (a)