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Notification procedures

Notifying Authority Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - Direzione Generale per il Mercato, la Concorrenza, il Consumatore, la Vigilanza e la Normativa Tecnica
Via Sallustiana, 53
00187 ROMA
EU legislation 2013/53/EU
Legal Act Decreto legislativo n.5 del 11/01/2016
Guidance Document(s) SOGS N640 REV1 EN of 11 January 2011
Notification process The procedure is established by the Decreto legislativo n.5 del 11/01/2016 and additional requirements are provide by the dm 175/2003. A pre-requisite for the notification is the release of the national authorization which recognize the CAB as able to operate according the modules of the directive. While the notification process is carried out under the responsibility of the Ministero dello sviluppo economico, the authorization act is released by the Ministero dello sviluppo economico (MSE) and the Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei trasporti (MIT), which both share the responsibility of the evaluation and the control of the CAB.
CAB complies With the requirements related to (Article 30,32,38,40)
Accreditation If accreditation is not used, please describe the additional requirements and steps in the audit process (please use as guide the document SOGS N640 REV1 EN of 11 January 2011):
The evaluation process is started by the CAB which submits an application for notification, specifying the scope of its activities, including the products and the modules covered by the directive, for which it declares its competence. The CAB accompanies the application with a specified list of documents, in order to demonstrate to own the necessary resources and competence and to have a management system complying with ISO 17065, ISO 17020 and, accordingly to application, ISO 17021. A working group formed by personnel from MSE and MIT check the documents and verifies the fulfillment of the administrative and technical requirements. The significant part of the CAB evaluation comes from the audit on-site, where the responsible people are interviewed, the CA processes are reviewed and the activities records are examined. All the results obtained from the CAB are reported to the ‘Struttura Tecnica’ (a inter-ministry committee established in force of dm 175/2003, art. 7), who meet regularly, review each step of the evaluation process and decide on the approval / rejection of the applicant CAB. Depending on this decision, the CAB may be authorized for the partial or complete scope of the application and then notified.
Requirements not covered by accreditation standards     .CAB does participate in Horizontal Committee of Notified Bodies established under the legislation (or national committee)
    .CAB complies to the information obligation of NB (art 40)
    .CAB complies to the operational obligations of NB (art 38)
    .CAB complies to art 32 subsidiaries of and subcontracting by notified bodies