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Notification procedures

Notifying Authority Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - Direzione Generale per il Mercato, la Concorrenza, il Consumatore, la Vigilanza e la Normativa Tecnica
Via Sallustiana, 53
00187 ROMA
EU legislation 2014/90/EU
Legal Act Legge 12 Agosto 2016, n.170 - Circolare Serie Generale n. 126/2016 del 13/09/2016
Guidance Document(s) Circolare – Serie generale n. 126/2016 Regolamento recante procedure di valutazione e di controllo degli organismi di valutazione della conformità di cui alla direttiva 2014/90/UE equipaggiamento marittimo
Notification process Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico is the notifying authority, responsible for the notification of CAB. The notification process is based on the evaluation activities carried out on CAB’s by Italian Coast Guard Headquarter – 6th Department – Safety of Navigation (ITCG).
CAB complies With the requirements related to (Article 20,23,24)
Accreditation If accreditation is not used, please describe the additional requirements and steps in the audit process (please use as guide the document SOGS N640 REV1 EN of 11 January 2011):
In order to be evaluated the CAB makes an application to the ITCG, according to procedure laid down in the regulation above mentioned. The application form provided by ITCG (see attached format) includes a description of the conformity assessment activities, the conformity assessment module or modules, the marine equipment for which the body claims to be competent, and all the information related to personnel involved, infrastructures, equipment, testing devices and sites used worldwide for certifying equipment. Documentation regarding the management system is requested to be attached to the application. After the evaluation of the information and documents provided by the CAB, ITCG carries out an audit on site in order to verify procedures adopted by the CAB and the compliance with directive and the ISO 17000 series applicable to the case based on the conformity assessment procedure requested. Following the audit and the results coming from the evaluation of the auditors, the Head of the 6th Department of the ITCG together with his staff will decide if an authorization can be issued. The authorization and the documents supporting the decision (Report and check lists) will be forwarded to the national Notifying authority for the uploading of the information on NANDO website. CAB’s once Notified bodies will be monitored at least every two years by the auditors of the ITCG. All this process is described in detail in the “Regolamento recante procedure di valutazione e di controllo degli organismi di valutazione della conformità di cui alla direttiva 2014/90/ue del parlamento europeo e del consiglio del 23 luglio 2014 sull’equipaggiamento marittimo”. CAB complies, based on the conformity assessment procedure they apply, with: ISO 17065 as based standard for all CABs and ISO 17025 as applicable ISO 17021 as applicable ISO 17020 as applicable. The notification is valid four years and surveillance audit will be performed every two years. Moreover additional audit will be performed for the verification on the field Notified bodies conformity assessment activity for specific equipment.
Requirements not covered by accreditation standards     .CAB does participate in Horizontal Committee of Notified Bodies established under the legislation (or national committee)
    .CAB complies to the information obligation of NB (art 24)
    .CAB complies to the operational obligations of NB (art 23)