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Notification procedures

Notifying Authority Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico - Direzione Generale per il Mercato, la Concorrenza, il Consumatore, la Vigilanza e la Normativa Tecnica
Via Sallustiana, 53
00187 ROMA
EU legislation 2014/53/EU
Legal Act Circular of the Ministry of Economic Development of 16/05/2016 Prot. N. 33743
Guidance Document(s)
Notification process The Notification process relating to the Directive 2014/53/EU Radio Equipment (RED) begins with the submission by the Organization wishing to carry out certification activities, a request of Authorization and Notification to the Italian Ministry of Economic Development. The Accreditation Certificate issued by ACCREDIA, the Italian Accreditation Body, is a precondition to the Authorization and Notification by the Ministry. ACCREDIA (which complies with ISO 17011 and all other applicable documents), for the evaluation of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB) managing the Directive 2014/53/EU applies the following technical standards UNI EN ISO/IEC 17065, 17025, 17021. In addition, the Ministry of Economic Development, as the Notification Authority, asked that ACCREDIA, during the assessment at the CAB, evaluates also the compliance and conformity of the bodies to the articles of the Radio Equipment Directive that are not covered or not fully covered by specific points of accreditation rules (Articles 26, 28, 34, 36). Accreditation decisions are forwarded to the Ministry of Economic Development. After the accreditation decision, the Ministry of Economic Development will proceed to evaluate the administrative requirements that are necessary for the Notified Body. If the result of this verification is positive, the Ministry issues a Decree authorizing the CAB to operate with the description of the Radio Equipment Directive products and conformity assessment modules or procedures in which they are accredited and authorized. The Decrees authorizing the CAB shall be notified to the Body, published on the Ministry's website and sent for NANDO notification. Throughout the duration of the Authorization, which is equal to the duration of the Accreditation certificate, to ensure the maintenance over time of its compliance requirements, ACCREDIA, annually, performs surveillance assessments at the CAB. The Ministry and ACCREDIA ensure mutual cooperation.
CAB complies With the requirements related to Article 26,28,34,36
Accreditation     • Inspection
    • Testing and calibration laboratories
    • Product certification
    • EMS (Environment management systems certification)

Requirements not covered by accreditation standards     • CAB does participate in Horizontal Committee of Notified Bodies established under the legislation (or national committee)
    • CAB complies to the information obligation of NB (art 36)
    • CAB complies to the operational obligations of NB (art 34)
    • The CAB complies with art. 28 “Subsidiaries of and subcontracting by notified bodies"