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You can have more advanced features for the searches in using in a combined way the following special strings:

  • "and": for an "and" search (to place between 2 words);
  • "or": for an "or" search (to place between 2 words);
  • "%": the search will consider that this symbol can be replaced by any character(s) (to place at the beginning and/or at the end of a word);
  • "?": the fuzzy operand to include words with similar spelling (to place at the beginning of a word).
e.g.: the text "%safety% or %car%" to search for mandates containing the string(s) "safety" and/or "car".

The following items are removed from the searched text because they are reserved: ABOUT.ACCUM.,.&.BT.BTG.BTI.BTP.(.).[.].MINUS.NEAR.;.NOT.~.NT.-

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