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There are more than 1358 KETs Centres in the EU.

This is a considerable offer of technology services across Europe for SMEs to innovate with Key Enabling Technologies (KETs).

But this offer is not always used by industry.

This is the conclusion of a study commissioned by DG GROW and performed by IDEA Consult and Fraunhofer ISI.

The study concluded that SMEs and industry must have more effective access to KETs Centres across Europe.

Networks of KETs Centres can help companies get easier access to KETs Centres across Europe and translate the existing technology services into business solutions and industry-relevant offers. Networks of KETs Centres can help understand better which technology services companies really need, and work along value chains.

The study issued 9 recommendations how networks of KETs Centres can effectively function (see final report, page 22 onwards).

The study recommended a new EU action to map the technological needs of industrial value chains and analyse whether existing networks of KETs Centres in Europe cover these needs.

Read the Executive Summary (pages 11-21)

Final report, 15 March 2018