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VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland


Upper Organization:

Type: Research Center



Vuorimiehentie 3
FI-02044 Espoo



Leena Sarvaranta
Vice President, EU Affairs, Strategic Research
This is the SME contact person
Lula Rosso
This is the SME contact person

Key Enabling Technologies Activities

Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0
Robotics / Human machine interaction
Process industry (processing of novel materials, structures, etc.)
Monitoring and control
High performance computing / cloud-based simulation services
Additive manufacturing
High-performance production (flexibility, productivity, precision and zero defect)
High-performance, high precision processing
Intelligent/ sensor-based equipment
Electronic and optical functional materials
Environmental materials (e.g. recycling, recourse efficiency, less impact, CO2 capture/ utilisation)
Industrial materials (incl. catalysts, membranes, adhesives, filters)
High performance materials (strong, light weight, resistant)
Materials for energy storage and generation
Smart and multifunctional materials (incl. phase change, shape memory, self-healing, self-manufacturing)
Surface engineering and coatings
Polymers, bioplastics
High value food & feed additives
Biobased chemicals
Quantum technology
Optoelectronics (optical networks, optical sensors)
Power electronics
Printed/flexible electronics
Memory and storage
Equipment technology
Analogue and mixed signal devices (µ-wave, RF, THz)
Heterogeneous components & more than Moore (MEMS, NEMS, sensors, transducers)
Heterogeneous integration/embedded systems
Nanostructured coatings
Nanoparticles Nanowires and tubes
Nanoemulsions and pigments
2D materials
Intelligent/ sensor-based equipment
Lighting (LED, OLED)
Optical components & systems

Technology Readiness Levels

TRL 3: Experimental proof of concept
TRL 4: Technology validated in lab
TRL 5: Technology validated in relevant industrial environment
TRL 6: Technology demonstrated in relevant industrial environment
TRL 7: System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8: System complete and qualified

Market Sectors

Aeronautics & space
Automotive / transportation
Chemical industry
Construction & building sector
Consumer goods/products
ICT industry (including electronics, computer and communication related products)
Medical & Healthcare
Production technology (machinery / equipment / automation)


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT), is an impartial non-profit Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) with the mission to support economic competitiveness, societal development and innovation.

To contribute to EU goals for 2020 and beyond, VTT works in synergy with the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, with regional innovation networks throughout Finland and with numerous European platforms and partnerships.

VTT is organised around three main areas: Knowledge intensive products and services, Smart industry and energy systems, and Solutions for natural resources and environment. However, all VTT activities are characterised by genuine trans-disciplinary and cross-sectoral approaches and the daily project work is planned and implemented within multi-year, coordinated programmes.

VTT's Pilot centres:

- BIORUUKKI (bio, process and forest technology with 9 pilot facilities for the whole value chain of bioeconomy, circular economy and cleantech)

- SMACC (Smart Machines and Manufacturing Competence Centre: Digital Factory, Robotic Village, Digital Systems, Material Insight and Smart Machines)

- MICRONOVA (large semiconductor manufacturing cleanrooms and processing, testing and characterization of micro and nano-electronic devices)

- PRINTOCENT (printed intelligence pilot manufacturing)

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Facilities to cover  all the spectruum of R&D&I



- Scientific & technological - Study / initial design / Simulation

- Proof of concept / Lab testing of basic experimental set-up/ Characterisation

- Component/ breadboard / process development & testing

- Prototyping (integrated system/ sub-system) development & testing

- Pilot line / demonstration line / preseries

- Product validation / certification

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