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MediCon Ingegneria srl


Upper Organization:

Type: Private research centre



Via Enrico Mattei, 20
40054 Budrio BO



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Key Enabling Technologies Activities

Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0
Robotics / Human machine interaction
Monitoring and control
Intelligent/ sensor-based equipment
Optoelectronics (optical networks, optical sensors)
Outsides system connectivity (communication, data transfer, wifi)
Equipment technology
Heterogeneous integration/embedded systems

Technology Readiness Levels

TRL 5: Technology validated in relevant industrial environment
TRL 6: Technology demonstrated in relevant industrial environment
TRL 7: System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8: System complete and qualified
TRL 9: Actual system proven in operational environment

Market Sectors

Construction & building sector
Consumer goods/products
ICT industry (including electronics, computer and communication related products)
Medical & Healthcare


MediCon Ingegneria is a Research and Development center active in the field of embedded electronics, hardware and software.

Our aim is to perform research, design and consulting with the best technologies, respecting laws and standards, making use of state-of-the-art methodologies for research and development, risk management, and documentation.

Our main fields of application are: Medical Devices, Hydraulic mobile machinery, Industrial machinery. Since 20 years we have developed hundreds of innovation projects with industry and SMEs in particular, and allowed our customers to place on the market successful and reliable products. We have a strong experience in system safety and functional safety.

Our activity include entire Industrial Research projects, customer R&D support, complete research and design of devices, including industrialized prototyping and certification.

Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network

MediCon Ingegneria is part of Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network

The Emilia-Romagna High Technology Network, made up by industrial research laboratories and innovation centres, gathers the regional academic institutions and public research centres and provides skills, facilities and resources to the business sector.

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MediCon Ingegneria is part of NXP Partner Program. GO TO THE NXP WEBSITE


MediCon Ingegneria is Microchip authorized design partner.

Specializes in designing with Microchip products. Visit the Microchip Technology


Microchip Medical Design Partner Specialist

Microchip certified medical design partner specialists have proven capabilities and are uniquely qualified to support Microchip customers through all phases of medical device development.





TEKTRONIX DRT Oscilloscope mod. TDS2014

FLUKE Digital multimeter 179

WAVETEK Digital multimeter meterman 5xl

RND Power supply mod. 320-KD3005D

TTI Wave generator mod. TG315

BENDER Tester Unimet ST 1100

FLUKE Temperature probe 80T

Delta Ohm Temperature Pressure transducer HD2304.0

Delta Ohm Pressure probe TP704-2BAI

Delta Ohm sicram module PP471

LTL Electronic centesimal gauge

Testo Termoigrometer 608-H1

Carroll & Meynell Variac CMV 3E-1

Pico Technology Picoscope 2205 oscilloscope

TEKTRONIX THS720A oscilloscope

JBC soldering station C352-CD2BBY

TEKTRONIX DPO3034 oscilloscope

Tti waveform generator TG5011

Microcip REAL ICE

Microchip ICD3

Segger J-Link

Freescale CodeWarrior USBTAP

Kvaser CAN analizer CG150

Renesas E8a


Hardware design of electronic embedded boards and systems

Software design for microcontrollers and embedded microprocessor

Hardware, software and system Verification and Validation

Risk management according to standards applicable to medical devices, machinery and other field of application.

Certification of medical device, machinery, and other devices/directives

Training related to the above mentioned topics

Prototyping, form concept design up to industrial prototype for certification and production reference of electronic boards and entire devices or systems

Production of electronic boards and entire devices or systems, with quality management system

Service for Industry and SMEs: