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Upper Organization: University College Ghent

Type: Academic Institution



Buchtenstraat 11
9051 Gent



Alexandra DE RAEVE
This is the SME contact person

Key Enabling Technologies Activities

Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0
Process industry (processing of novel materials, structures, etc.)
Environmental materials (e.g. recycling, recourse efficiency, less impact, CO2 capture/ utilisation)
High performance materials (strong, light weight, resistant)
Smart and multifunctional materials (incl. phase change, shape memory, self-healing, self-manufacturing)
Surface engineering and coatings
Nanostructured coatings

Technology Readiness Levels

TRL 4: Technology validated in lab
TRL 5: Technology validated in relevant industrial environment
TRL 6: Technology demonstrated in relevant industrial environment
TRL 7: System prototype demonstration in operational environment
TRL 8: System complete and qualified
TRL 9: Actual system proven in operational environment

Market Sectors

Consumer goods/products


The FTI-lab is a leading provider of integrated product development services to the textile and clothing industry. We help companies and designers to develop and implement successful innovation projects. In order to do this the FTI-lab has extensive expertise in the field of (multi)functional and smart textile materials and related processing technologies, bio-chemistry based textile processing, digitisation and flexibilisation of product development and production processes, improving cultivation and processing and application aspects of EU-origin natural fibres such as hemp, garment manufacturing and thermophysiological and sensorial comfort. Furthermore the FTI-lab has unique competencies to think both creatively and deeply technical throughout the entire process.

We have 8 FTE researchers and +20 academics with various backgrounds: textile engineers, chemists, biochemists, biotechnologists and garment technologists. They gain their strength from the multidisciplinary and approach complex questions in a practical and tangible way.

The FTI-lab is member of NETFAS (Network of Textile and Fashion Universities of Applied Sciences), IFFTI (Internationale Federation of Fashion Technology Institutes), UNITEX (Association for executives of the Belgian textile industry), IAF (International Apparel Federation) and ETP Textile & clothing (European Technology Platform for Textile & Clothing)




The FTI-lab has equipment for:

  • textile production: industrial weaving looms including jacquard, flat bed knitting machines, spinning equipment for the production of fancy yarns (hollow spindle), ...
  • textile finishing: (UV) coating, GRINP plasma system, Ahlbrandt corona, plasma torch, several digital printers for textile and paper (transfer printing), lab scale and semi industrial equipment for dyeing, printing  and finishing of yarns and fabrics, laser, ...
  • garment manufacturing: 3D body scanners, one ply automatic cutter, sewing equipment, ultrasonic welding, taping, plotter, 2D and 3D patterning software, ...
  • testing: Moisture managment Tester, Fabric Touch Tester, Martindale, Taber, QUV, tensile strength, Elmendorf, Hydrostatic head, air permeability, burst strength, colour fastnes to rubbing, washing, water, perspiration, ...



The FTI-lab features a demonstration platform for digital processing and has extensive infrastructure for prototyping and testing. Additionally we offer on demand customized training. We therefor rely on our intensive expertise in digital printing, atmospheric plasma, (UV) coating, laser technology, 3D body scanning, fit & sizing, patterning and garment manufacturing.

The FTI-lab has an expert panel to evaluate fabric touch and feel and carries out in-depth interviews and questionaires in the context of user centered design.


Service for Industry and SMEs: