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ELIIT Steering Board members

ELIIT Steering Board members

Alice Beyer Schuch

Alice Beyer SchuchPosition: Circular Fashion Consultant

Country: Brazil/Germany

Anna Bacardit Dalmases

Position: Director of A3 Leather Innovation Leather, Universitat de Lleida

Country: Spain

Aura Mihai

Position: Professor

Country: Romania

Jan Laperre

Position: Director-general Centexbel

Country: Belgium

Jan Leyssens

Position: Co-founder

Country: Belgium

Javier Silvestre Blanes

Position: Associate Professor (Titular de Universidad)

Country: Spain

Jesús de la Maza

Position: President and promotor of INNOVALIA

Country: Spain

Julia Vercher Alemany

Position: Innovation technician- European projects

Country: Spain

Laura Santos Silvestre

Position: Technical Competitiveness and Innovation (ATEVAL)

Country: Spain

Marc Van Parys

Position: Prof Dr em – Chairman UNITEX – CEO TexZeppelin

Country: Belgium

Marina Toeters

Position: Fashion Tech Designer at, initiator Fashion Tech Farm

Country: Netherlands

Nikolaos Bilalis

Position: Professor

Country: Greece

Philip Azariadis

Philip AzariadisPosition: Professor, University of the Aegean

Country: Greece

Santiago Muiños Landin

Position: Artificial Intelligence Research Team Leader

Country: Spain

Previous steering board members

Cristobal Costa-Soria

Cristobal Costa-SoriaPosition: Director R&D projects promotion area, Instituto Tecnológico de Informática

Country: Spain

Maria José Ferreira

Maria José FerreiraPosition: Research and Quality Director, Portuguese Footwear Research Centre

Country: Portugal

Matthew Drinkwater

Matthew DrinkwaterPosition: Head of Innovation Agency, London College of Fashion

Country: United Kingdom

Pablo Díaz-García

Pablo Diaz-GarciaPosition: Senior Lecturer, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia

Country: Spain

Paul Peeters

Paul PeetersPosition: Senior Expert in Advanced Manufacturing, Agoria

Country: Belgium

Ricardo O’Nascimento

Ricardo O’NascimentoPosition: Founder of POPKALAB

Country: United Kingdom

Robert Gajewski

Robert GajewskiPosition: Head of Advanced Technology Department, Institute of Leather Industry

Country: Poland