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Philip Azariadis

Philip Azariadis

Position: Professor, University of the Aegean

Country: Greece


Dr Philip Azariadis is a Professor at the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering (DPSDE), School of Engineering, University of the Aegean. He heads the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering, is director of the MSc programme “Integrated Product Design and Innovation” and of the “Integrated Industrial Design Lab”.

He worked as an R&D coordinator and as an external collaborator at ELKEDE – Technology & Design Centre, developing R&D projects, services and applications for the traditional European industries (footwear, textiles and clothing, and jewellery).

His research activities focus in the areas of product design engineering, computer-aided design, motion design/routing/scheduling for AVs or AGVs, and computer graphics.

Philip holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics.


Philip Azariadis