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European light industries innovation and technology (ELIIT) project

European light industries innovation and technology (ELIIT) project


The light industries innovation and technology project (ELIIT project) seeks to support textile, clothing, leather and footwear (TCLF) SMEs in enhancing their competitiveness while helping them integrate new technologies in innovative or high added-value products, processes or services. 

ELIIT will aid the transfer of innovation and technology as well as the market uptake of innovative solutions. We do so by developing concrete pilot actions to improve productivity, value chain integration, and resource efficiency.

How ELIIT can support you

The ELIIT project will select 25 partnerships between TCLF SMEs and providers or owners of innovative technologies that are ready or almost ready for industrial scale-up. They will run for an indicative period of 12 to 18 months, during which each partnership will benefit from

  • €70,000 in financial support to develop products or prototypes with high added-value and profitability
  • tailor-made coaching and advice to improve project relevancy and increase capabilities
  • networking activities and participation in workshops/conferences and exhibitions to aid market-positioning as well as build business relationships
  • intellectual property rights organisation and guidance

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How to apply for ELIIT support

To benefit from ELIIT’s support, SMEs in the TCLF sectors and innovative technology providers/owners should register and apply on the electronic monitoring system (EMS platform). 

Deadline for application: 17 March 2020, 17:00 CET.

Potential applicants can look for partners on the EMS platform and complete their application. Learn more about the application process, eligibility criteria, financial support and other benefits, and ELIIT´s helpdesk service by clicking the button.

How to apply for ELIIT's support