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Study on Optimised cascading use of wood

The overall objective of the study is to define the cascading use of wood and assess its environmental and socio-economic impacts, to analyse barriers to cascade and possible measures adapted to local conditions to overcome them in the European Union. The results of the study will serve as a basis to develop good practice guidance on the cascading use of wood to the policy-makers and value chain stakeholders for the wider application of the cascading use of wood.

Risk Sharing Finance Facility (RSFF)

"Improves access to debt financing for all types and size of private company and public institution undertaking long-term research, development and innovation (RDI) projects. RSFF can support basic or fundamental research, applied or industrial research, experimental development, feasibility studies, pilots/demonstration activities and European Research Initiatives."

LIFE+ Calls for Proposals

Environment and Resource Efficiency: Programme aims to develop, test and demonstrate policy or management approaches, best practices, and solutions to environmental challenges, suitable for being replicated, transferred or mainstreamed, including with respect to the link between environment and health, and in support of resource efficiency-related policy and legislation, including the Roadmap to a Resource Efficient Europe. NB: 2014 Calls for LIFE+ Proposals have not yet been published by the Commission - DG Environment.


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