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Multiple framework contract with reopening of the competition in the field of sustainable industrial policy and construction

Multiple framework contract for the production of regulatory and economic analysis concerning the interactions between industrial, environmental, human health, climate change, raw materials, energy, transport, ecodesign, employment, taxation, trade and investment, research and innovation, public procurement, the internal market of services and sustainable product policies, and on the consequences of these on the competitiveness of European enterprises and industry sectors, including construction, and on consumers' welfare and employment.

Study for the Composition of an Inventory of Critical Raw Materials used in the EU Defence Sector

The aim of the study will be to compose an inventory of raw materials that are used by the EU defence sector, including air, land and sea-based platforms; weapons (air-launched, infantry and naval); and communications (satellite, etc). The study shall, in particular, take into account the list of materials identified in both the RMI and the JRC studies.

Call for Expression of Interest - Recycling and Waste Valorisation ("Recyclage et valorisation des déchets")

Demonstration projects and pre-industrial/experimental projects should fall under one of the following two categories:

  • Collection, sorting and preparation of waste and material derived from waste;
  • Transformation and use of material derived from waste.                                                             

Particular focus will be placed upon projects dealing with the following topics:

Technology-inspired innovation - Advanced materials

The UK Technology Strategy Board, Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE) are to invest up to €3.432 million in collaborative feasibility studies to stimulate innovation across four technology areas that will enable and underpin UK growth: advanced materials; biosciences; electronics, sensors and photonics, and information and communications technology (ICT).

Framework contract for monitoring of LIFE projects (action grants and operating grants), communication about the LIFE programme and other linked activities

The overall objective of the framework contract is to provide the following services to the contracting authority:

1. Assistance and financial and technical support for the monitoring of open LIFE projects (operating and action grants) and new LIFE projects selected under the first 4 calls for action grants, of which the first one is expected to be published in June 2014;

2. Assistance for the evaluation and selection of proposals for traditional and integrated projects;

The efficient functioning of waste markets in the European Union — legislative and policy options

The objective of the contract is to analyse distortions of the functioning of waste markets in the EU, resulting from national, regional and local policy and legislation, and recommend actions to improve the situation. The tasks to be performed are:(a) information gathering;(b) case studies on different types of distortions of waste markets in the EU; and(c) options to ensure the efficient functioning of waste markets in the EU.

HORIZON 2020 - WASTE - 2014-2015

WASTE: A RESOURCE TO RECYCLE, REUSE AND RECOVER RAW MATERIALS                                                            This focus area will respond to needs identified in the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials, which also covers the supply of raw materials through sustainable extraction (e.g. novel mining techniques) and finding substitutes.


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