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Raw materials University Day – Leuven, Belgium – 1 October 2017

KU Leuven opens its doors to show civil society, innovators and young future scientists how to become involved in supporting a more circular economy.

The Department of Materials Engineering opens its doors on Sunday, 1 October 2017, 10 - 17, in the framework of the Raw Materials University Days previously organized by the European Commission and now by EIT RawMaterials. The KU Leuven Raw Materials University Day will coincide with the annual Flanders Open Bedrijvendagen which last year 2016 welcomed over 600.000 curious students, families and researchers keen to explore what their local communities have to offer!

This year, the Department of Materials Engineering will focus on its innovations in sustainable materials for electronics, mobility, construction and its ground-breaking research in circular economy. EIT RawMaterials and KU Leuven aim to highlight the role of materials in our everyday lives while also giving tips on how individuals can contribute to a sustainable and circular economy. KU Leuven researchers will put the spotlight on new innovations, such as ultra-light materials for suitcases, safer bike helmets, efficient and recyclable batteries, smart prostheses, sustainable cements made from waste, and many more.

Four different tours with more than 20 booths will present new research, expose and educate participants to the role of raw materials in society, which will include interactive games and activities for school children. Presentations on recycling of materials and a repair cafe will be organized at the same location.

The Raw Materials University Day is supported by EIT RawMaterials - a European initiative comprising more than 120 partners from academia, research and industry with the aim to boost innovation in the raw materials sector, of which KU Leuven is a driving force.

Booths to experience:

  • The interactive and man-size table of Mendeleev (see:
  • Materials development and production: from atoms to end products
  • How to detect and inspect the 108 elements?
  • Seeing with electrons, writing with ions
  • Baking powders
  • Composites-on-tour
  • Biomedical materials: the materials we hope not to need ourselves, but which save lives
  • 3D printing of materials
  • Materials efficient production of energy saving and environmentally friendly products
  • Looking in 3D in materials (CT scan)
  • The Röntgen lab
  • Bright coatings for converting heat into energy
  • How strong are materials
  • Fatigue: not only a burden for humans
  • New bike helmets to protect your head for impacts
  • Technical ceramics, an unexpected plethora of applications
  • The circular economy: sustainable management of raw materials
  • EIT RawMaterials: Innovating together + the EIT-Label Master programme on sustainable materials
  • The recycle bar and repair café

KU Leuven Materials Engineering
Kasteelpark Arenberg 44
3001 Leuven/Heverlee


For more information on KU Leuven Raw Materials University Day, please contact:
Karel Van Acker
Coordinator KU Leuven Materials Research Centre
T: +32-(0)476-21 09 57

For more information on EIT RawMaterials, please contact:
Wesley Crock Education Officer
EIT RawMaterials Co-Location Center (CLC) West
T: +32-(0)468-33 61 23

KU Leuven Materials Engineering
Date of meeting: 
Sunday, 1 October, 2017 - 10:00 to 17:00