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The 1st Raw Materials Week gathers more than 400 participants

The 1 st edition of the "Raw Materials Week" gathered a wide range of European and international stakeholders from industry, academia and government to debate and discuss raw materials policy and initiatives. It took place in Brussels from Monday 28 November to Friday 2 December 2016.

The Raw Materials Week was centred around a series of events organised by the European Commission addressing the latest news regarding raw materials in the EU.

Video: Raw materials week 2016

Summary of the EIP on Raw Materials Annual Conference 2016

The presentations given on the occasion of two of the major events of the Raw Materials Week can be downloaded below:

4 th annual High-Level Conference of the European Innovation Partnership on Raw Materials

Session I: Raw materials demand in a circular, low-carbon economy

The bulk materials in a low carbon economy – Prof. Julian M. Allwood, Professor of Engineering and the Environment, University of Cambridge

Process metallurgical infrastructure - a key enabler of a Circular Economy – presentation  of Prof. Markus A. Reuter, Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf

Boliden - Part of a Circular Economy – presentation of Ms Ing-Marie Andersson Drugge, Director Strategy & Technology, Boliden Smelters

The Forest Sector – the Driver of Circular and Bio-Economies – presentation [of Prof. Sten Nilsson, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA)

Session II: Copernicus for Raw Materials

Copernicus for Raw Materials – presentation of Mr Nicolae Mitu, Space Data for Societal Challenges and Growth, DG GROW, EC

Experiences in the use of Earth Observation products & services for the Mining Industry – presentation of Dr Stephen Coulson, Head of Industry Section, European Space Agency (ESA)

Copernicus-based Geoservices for Mining Areas – presentation of Dr Kian Pakzad, EFTAS

Session III: Framework conditions for sustainable mining

Investment appetite for European mining projects – presentation  of Dr Andor Lips, Commodity Discovery Fund

MIN-GUIDE: Taking stock of mineral policy frameworks in Europe – presentation of Mr Andreas Endl, Project Manager, Institute for Managing Sustainability, Vienna University of Economics and Business

REMIX – Smart and Green Mining Regions of EU – INTERREG Europe – presentation of Mr. Ilari Havukainen, Regional Council of Lapland

Raw Materials Commitment "European Network for Sustainable Quarrying and Mining" (ENSQM) – presentation of Ms Christine Marlet, Secretary General, Eurogypsum

Session IV: Competitiveness and innovation

Creating the Future of the Non-Ferrous Metals Manufacturing Industry – presentation of Dr Laurent Bontoux, Dr François J. Dessart, Joint Research Centre, EC

The role of technology platforms in fostering innovation – presentation of Mr Johan Elvnert, Managing Director, Forest-based Sector Technology Platform

The Portuguese Cluster of Mineral Resources – presentation of Mr Luis Martins, Vice-president, Assimagra

The Aluminium Innovation Hub: a value chain approach – presentation of Dr Christian Leroy, Consultant Innovation and LCA, European Aluminium

Horizon 2020, EIT Raw Materials and ERA-MIN 2 Information and Brokerage event

Session I: Raw Materials calls:  

Raw materials calls in 2017 – presentation  of Mr Milan Grohol, DG GROW, EC

Implementation of Raw Materials in Societal Challenge 5 (SC5) of Horizon 2020 – presentation of Mr Marcin Sadowski, EASME , EC

Raw materials topics of Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2017

SC5 Raw materials topics – presentation of Mr Manuel Gómez Herrero, Mr Patrice Millet, DG GROW, EC

Raw materials efficiency in PPP SPIRE – presentation of Mr Germán Esteban Muñiz, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation (DG RTD), EC

Circular Economy, presentation of Mr Tomas Turecki, DG RTD, EC

Wood and forest-related topics in Societal Challenge 2 and Bio-Based Industries Joint Undertaking – presentation of Ms María Fernández Gutiérrez  and presentation of Mr Doru-Leonard Irimie; DG RTD, EC

Earth Observation for raw materials – presentation of Ms Amanda Regan, DG RTD, EC and presentation of Mr Nicolae Mitu, DG GROW, EC

ERA-MIN 2 call presentation of Ms Dina Carrilho, Science Officer, Department of International Relations, FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, Portugal

EIT Raw Materials call presentation of Ms Karen Hanghøj, Chief Executive Officer, EIT RawMaterials

Session II: Brokerage Session - Technology and Policy Coordination and Support:

Presentation of Projects' ideas

6 th EU-US-Japan Trilateral Conference on Critical Raw Materials

EIT Raw Materials - Education strengthening raw materials sector  co-organised with the EIT Raw Materials

The following satellite events were organised in Brussels during the "Raw Materials Week" by external stakeholders:

Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials – FORAM kick off meeting
Towards a World Forum website


Round-tables on strategic implementation plan of the European innovation partnership  on raw materials - How can a sustainable mining sector contribute to the European  economic and industrial growth
Round-table on Strategic Implementation Plan website

MSP- REFRAM workshop
MSP- REFRAM workshop website

Social Licence to Operate – Re-connecting Raw Materials with Society
Social License to Operate website

ETP SMR General Meeting"
ETP SMR General Meeting website

Workshop on future scenarios on international raw materials provision
Workshop on future scenarios website

EuroGeoSurveys Raw Materials R&I Stakeholder Workshop
EuroGeoSurveys website  

Technical meeting on Industrialisation Impact Assessment"

Phosphorus Stewardship in Industrial Applications
Phosphorus stewardship website

ERA-MIN 2 Welcome Reception
ERA-MIN 2 website

MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference 2016: Minerals Policy and Governance
MIN-GUIDE Annual Conference website

ERA-MIN 2 Kick-off meeting"
ERA-MIN 2 website

Cluster & Networking event "Critical Raw Materials and Substitution

Development Minerals: Transforming a Neglected Sector in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific



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Date of meeting: 
Monday, 28 November, 2016 - 09:00 to Friday, 2 December, 2016 - 18:00