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Martin Pečar

13 February 2018
1000 Ljubljana
Founder of OmniOpti
Research and development, advanced solutions focusing on mobility and logistics

"An empty glass is full of potential."

Martin Pečar is the founder of OmniOpti, provider of advanced solutions, focusing on mobility and logistics. A mathematician by profession, he has worked in R&D for over a decade, and led the R&D department of fleet management company Telargo, previously the biggest Slovenian-Japanese joint venture. After Telargo was acquired by Descartes, he took over the business development for the Balkan region. He then went on to work at the Jožef Stefan Institute as a researcher during which he was asked to manage the Slovenian Strategic Research & Innovation Partnership for Smart Cities & Communities, which included 150 members in the first year. The Smart Cities project looks at city level transformation, both digitally and technologically, allowing cities to modernise innovatively. His diverse experience, including being co-author of a US patent for automatic computation of the road network, using floating vehicle data, has enabled him to be part of various aspects of technological transformation across a variety of fields such as AI, city modernisation and business development.