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CBC & WATIFY Solution Award winner: Ingelia SL (Spain)

1050 Copenhagen

The laureate, Ingelia SL, was awarded for its outstanding and successful efforts in transforming their business by using advanced technologies. Not only did this transformation significantly improve the company’s position in the market but it’s also contributing to solving two of the most pressing issues affecting not only Europe, but the whole world – pollution and climate change. The company developed a process that allows them to recycle various types of green waste into HTC carbon and thus make it fit for the production of bio-polymers. HTC carbon has interesting uses in biopolymer applications, and through initiatives like this one could aid the opening of new market segments, and increase the sustainability and profitability of the HTC process.

The jury, composed of experts in business, investment and technology, and representatives of DG Grow and EASME, praised the combination of digital and physical technology in Ingelia SL and its strong commitment towards digital and technological transformation, with a focus on the recycling of bio-residuals. Their solution has kept the objectives of the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 in mind, whilst also tackling existing barriers associated with global challenges such as pollution and waste management.

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