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WATIFY Webinar on IoT in Manufacturing

09 August 2017
1000 Brussels

Digital transformation in the manufacturing domain is known as Industry 4.0 (The fourth industrial revolution). In the new digital world, customers demand personalised products and services, that are available at very short notice and at a reasonable price. The fourth industrial revolution aims to deliver customer-centric products whilst reducing costs and time-to-market. Technology-wise, Industry 4.0 is a melting pot that combines a variety of ICT tools: IoT platforms to collect data from shop floor devices (Sensors, SCADAS, PLCs,etc.), Big Data platforms to store, analyse and aggregate the huge amount of data produced in the plant and, the cloud to provide access to information regardless of location, device (e.g. mobile) and timing (24/7)and with no outages (High Availability).

In this webinar an overview of the Industry 4.0 paradigm was presented, along with a complementary case description, based on a manufacturing data collector (MASAI) from IoT devices, to illustrate how ICT technologies can transform the manufacturing sector.