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WATIFY receives the Global Entreps Award: ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ 2018

1000 Brussels

WATIFY, an awareness-raising campaign funded by the European Commission dedicated to promoting digitisation and technological transformation in European SMEs, has been awarded the Global Entreps Award ‘Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’ of 2018.

Devoted to the UN Sustainable Development Goal #9, this award grants WATIFY recognition for the project’s dedication to stimulating the modernization of European industry, with a special focus on regional digitisation and the uptake of advanced technologies – notably Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in SMEs all across the European Union. Over its nearly two-year span, WATIFY has already reached over 250,000 Europeans with its activities that today span 21 of Europe’s countries – and these numbers are still growing.  This reach has been achieved through WATIFY’s core activities: Awareness Events aiming to boost and facilitate technological transformation with activities both online and off, Matchmaking events which connect SMEs with diverse stakeholders to facilitate the sharing of best practices and future collaboration for innovation, and the collection of Success Stories which inspire SMEs and local stakeholders to take full advantage of digitisation and KETs.

Throughout its campaign, WATIFY has partnered with a range of organisations in order to reach as many diverse stakeholders as possible and ensure that a maximum number of SMEs have the opportunity to learn about the resources that are available and ready to transform their business to prepare for the future. This list of partners includes regional development agencies, industry associations, digital innovation hubs and more. Additionally, WATIFY has also worked closely with ambassadors across Europe to help spread its reach regionally and throughout specific sectors. In this way, WATIFY has strived to fulfill its campaign goal of “WATIFY comes to you” – thus through its presence becoming a valuable resource to SMEs on the local, regional, and European levels.

To learn more about the WATIFY campaign, please visit and take a look at upcoming events, success stories, and best practices, and more.

WATIFY will be recognized for its achievements on 18 June at the 4th Global Entreps Awards and #5G citizens Conference. To attend the Cocktail Gala where the award will be presented, the B2Match matchmaking events organised by WATIFY, and the International Congress of #5Gcitizens, register either on or by clicking on the following link:  

Seats are limited, so make sure to sign up today to meet Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, the founders of BlaBlaCar and Airbnb, UN representatives and successful start-ups from all over the world share their inspiring views on the future of digitisation and global development.