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Experience 3D printing at WATIFY: Inspire to Transform

1000 Sofia

The 3D printing industry is continuously growing and evolving into varied applications across different sectors. From basic models, to tissue engineering and trophy printing, 3D printing continues to lend itself to innovative development across industries and support widespread technological transformation.

Three dimensional (3D) printing, also known as additive manufacturing consists of turning digital 3D model files into objects. Once the 3D model is created it is then sliced for printing. Through this additive process, the layers which form horizontal cross sections of the finished object are stacked and the final object is printed in its solid form. Through this manufacturing process, less material is used to produce complex shapes as opposed to traditional manufacturing processes.  

The WATIFY: Inspire to Transform event will be an excellent opportunity to not only see 3D printing in action, but also to learn about the process and its many applications. SmartFabLab, the first digital fabrication laboratory in Bulgaria will be present at the event and demonstrate how they create prototypes with their 3D printer. You will also be able to witness the live printing of the WATIFY Award as well as the printing of special gifts for participants. So be sure to register soon and don’t miss this opportunity to meet them!

There will also be an opportunity to meet Bulgarian bioprinting company Printivo Ltd. at the partner event high-level conference Smart Specialisation and Technology Transfer as Innovation Drivers for Regional Growth. They will be showcasing their work in the fields of tissue engineering and their latest developments to create the first cartilage and bone 3D bio-printed grafts for human application.

For more information on SmartFabLab and Printivo visit their websites, and don’t forget to follow WATIFY on Twitter and Facebook for the latest event updates! For a full programme, please visit the event website and don’t forget to register!