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#5G Citizens 2018, Innovative Citizens for Social Progress – Have you registered yet?

1000 Brussels

Every year the Entreps AISBL (The International Board of Entrepreneurs & Business People) organises the Global Entreps Awards & #5Gcitizens, an event that brings together world citizens to discuss and share the social innovation that the EU needs to continue advance and develop.

This year, WATIFY will be a part of this prestigious 2 day event, taking place from 18-19 June 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. Day 1 of the event will see a WATIFY Matchmaking event on the topic of digitisation in the context of EU projects. The session will explore the need to engage citizens in the process of government digital transformation, which covers everything from the delivery of services to internal procurement methods. This matchmaking event will offer the opportunity to facilitate inter-regional / cross-border cooperation between different public and private sector stakeholders in the development of joint initiatives /partnerships or joint demonstration / pilot projects of digitisation having European citizens at the very core. Learn more about the session and register here.

WATIFY will also be involved on Day 2, starting with a dedicated WATIFY session, which will be opened by Slawomir Tokarski (Director for Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing at DG Grow) and Leo Kärkkäinen (Chief AI Officer at Nokia). During the session, which will be moderated by Esteban Pelayo (Director of EURADA- Association of Development Agencies of Europe) a distinguished panel of speakers, including: Roya Ayazi (NEREUS- Network of European Regions Using Space Technologies), Alessandro Micheli (President of Giovani ConfCommercio), Francisco Bujan (CARSA- Watify Team), Ibrahim Ethem Şahin (Head of Coordination of the Middle Black Sea Development Agency, Turkey) and David Jepson (Bristol, UK), will discuss the WATIFY Initiative and the need to boost technological transformation throughout European industry.

There will also be a second WATIFY matchmaking session focused on social innovation. This event will focus on boosting further collaboration in the area of social innovation and entrepreneurship, an area in which citizens must be actively involved and play a central role. Learn more about the session and register here.

The event will also feature the awards ceremony for the 4th Global Entreps Awards, which gives 30 worldwide awards to outstanding citizens, authorities, initiatives, companies and institutions promoting Digitisation, the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030, and other major topics. The ceremony will include an address by Entreps President Joaquin Boston, as well as speeches from EU representatives, including Mariya Gabriel (EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy and Society) and Markku Markkula (1st Vice-President of the EU CoR). There will also be statements from several global ambassadors throughout the ceremony.

This year’s edition of the Global Entreps Awards & #5G Citizens looks like it will be exciting, and feature many inspirational speakers from the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship, digitisation and transformation. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend the upcoming edition and be sure to attend the WATIFY matchmaking events to secure future collaborations.

For more information and an event agenda, please visit the #5G Citizens 2018 website.