About Watify


Watify is a non for profit initiative supported by the European Commission based on several sessions of serial entrepreneurs explaining how they have overcome their doubts while starting or digitizing their own business. Why? Because everybody has those doubts before starting or digitizing a business.
There will be always 1000 reasons not to do it. Therefore having doubts is not a reason to give up.. On the contrary, doubts are useful; they guide you into the right direction and make you ask the right questions. Imagine if you could start/digitize your business today!

Doubt is Good

(But don't let it paralyze you)

On the Watify platform, you will find answers to your questions

  • Would you like to start your own business? Get inspired and find answers to your doubts by visiting the WatifyStart page
  • Are you exploring ways to digitize your business? Visit the WatifyTransform page to get inspired by entrepreneurs who have used novel technologies to transform their business.
  • Want to get involved? Attend an event or organize your own Watify event
  • Would you like to share your doubts and find the answers? Visit the doubt section.



The Euromentors Association for Digital Entrepreneurs set up a mentoring ecosystem to help spark, support and expand new business ideas and fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe. It is an action supported by the European Commission. Launched as an initiative of DG GROW, its purpose is to raise the visibility on European businesses and entrepreneurs that offer new digital products and services, invent innovative business models and thrive through the intelligent use of novel digital technologies. To help spark, support and expand new business ideas and fuel Digital Entrepreneurship in Europe, its objective is to set up a European mentoring ecosystem. European mentoring ecosystem consists of mentoring organizations and mentors.

"I’ve not failed. I’ve just found 10.000 ways that won’t work" – Thomas Edison