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Smart vineyard: management and decision making support for wine producers

In parallel to the development of new tools and practices in the agriculture, the world of wine is heading towards a transformation enabling precision agriculture applied to viticulture. The objective is to gain in efficiency, in productivity and overall in quality of wine. Digital technologies including IoT can bring solutions to winegrowers, helping them in the decision making process in order to adapt their production mode in their vineyards.

Uptake of digital solutions in the healthcare industry

Digital solutions hold promises to flip the traditional ways in which healthcare is managed and delivered, thereby streamlining processes, reducing costs, opening new business opportunities and improving the overall public health.

Autonomous cars – the future of the automotive industry

The digitalisation of the automotive industry is rapidly changing our transport and mobility patterns. Traditional automobile manufacturers are racing to develop fully autonomous vehicles to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and fast-paced world. The digitalisation of the sector is thus becoming crucial to the continued growth of the industry and its diversity, securing its future sustainability.

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