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Overview of current action of DG CONNECT on Artificial intelligence

Lecture by Anne Bajart, Head of Sector for Robotics Industrial Development and Impact, Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology

Smart vineyard: management and decision making support for wine producers

In parallel to the development of new tools and practices in the agriculture, the world of wine is heading towards a transformation enabling precision agriculture applied to viticulture. The objective is to gain in efficiency, in productivity and overall in quality of wine. Digital technologies including IoT can bring solutions to winegrowers, helping them in the decision making process in order to adapt their production mode in their vineyards.

Harnessing the economic benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The industry is unanimous: AI will change the world and be ubiquitous in tomorrow’s economy. AI major gains are likely to focus on productivity, efficiency, automation  and costs, enabling consumers and businesses to capitalise on the digital economy. However, companies that fail to recognise the advent of AI and respond to them by disrupting themselves, innovating and re-engineering their business models will, at best, lose their competitive advantage, and at worst, disappear.

Adoption of novel technologies across the automative value chain

Initially requiring a high level of manual labour, the automotive industry increasingly introduces robots into its production cycle and is currently boosting its integration of highly innovative smart technologies to further optimise its design and production process.

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