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Data explorer

The data explorer provides an overview of the current state of play of European businesses as regards digital transformation. The data explorer allows for a comparative assessment of the factors conducive to the digital transformation of businesses in the EU 28 Member States through a statistical analysis of up-to-date indicators. These statistics provide key insights in order to help Member States assess areas where they need to concentrate their efforts in order to boost their digital transformation performance.

The statistical information is presented using a five-category typology of 'enablers' capturing the main framework conditions favourable to digital transformation in the EU 28 Member States.

The effects of digital transformation, namely the changes in the number of ICT startups and the integration of digital technologies by EU businesses, are captured through indicators in two 'output' categories. The statistical analysis performed on each of these seven "pillars" enabled the development of a European index for each pillar which provides a rank and benchmark for countries against selected aggregates.

The information provided through the data explorer are based on national indicators gathered from external sources, namely the European Commission, Eurostat, and the World Economic Forum. Please click on the list of indicators below for more details or visit the Data explorer from the menu.

The Digital Transformation Scoreboard analyses the enabling conditions for digital transformation, as well as the outcomes in detail and ranks all EU-28 Member State according to their individual performance.

Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI)

The Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI) of the European Commission (DG CONNECT) provides key insights into Europe's digital performance and serves to track developments in EU Member States, across five main dimensions: Connectivity, Human Capital, Use of Internet, Integration of Digital Technology, Digital Public Services. The DESI dimension "Integration of Digital Technology" and the Digital Transformation Scoreboard output dimension on digital transformation intend to capture the same effects. The usage of a common composite index to analyse the digitisation of Europe's industry helps to highlight the links and the complementarity between the two tools. The methodology for the creation of the Digital Technology Integration Index is therefore that of the homonymous DESI-2016 dimension.

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Methodology explained in this link: Methodology used for the construction of the indices