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Drones in agriculture

Practical applications for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), commonly referred to as “drones”, have progressed significantly in recent years as the technology has improved in tandem with a fall in its cost. Interest from both consumers and business in drones is growing, with new applications being developed rapidly for use across many industries including agriculture – one of the primary sectors expected to see sharp uptake of drone technology in the near future.

Smart vineyard: management and decision making support for wine producers

In parallel to the development of new tools and practices in the agriculture, the world of wine is heading towards a transformation enabling precision agriculture applied to viticulture. The objective is to gain in efficiency, in productivity and overall in quality of wine. Digital technologies including IoT can bring solutions to winegrowers, helping them in the decision making process in order to adapt their production mode in their vineyards.

Smart Building: Energy efficiency application

If the development of Smart Home is still awaited, the concept of Smart Buildings seems to attract the ecosystem aiming to replace the traditional building management system. Smart Building players work together to fight the lack of standardisation. Regulatory bodies try to encourage the adoption of Smart Building. And real estate developers are increasingly taking a key role in the adoption of the technology, attracted by the potential in terms of energy efficiency in the aim to increase the  value of properties.

Secure access control: Smart ID Management for building access

Physical access control is an industry which is moving slowly in terms of change but the introduction of technologies like smartphones, wearables and biometrics seems to seduce specific sectors. Hospitality, healthcare and banks are attracted by those solutions meeting with their requirements. Growing security concerns and increasing adoption of technologies can encourage the market for a smarter and better security access control.

Connected livestock

Livestock farming is a vital part of the economy in many countries and its importance is likely to remain, as food needs will skyrocket with the growth of the world population. In order to improve profitability and efficiency, connected solutions for livestock are starting to hit the market. Nonetheless, some important challenges remain before widespread adoption.

Smart Home: Technologies with a standard battle

The Smart Home market is characterised by the presence of a multitude of players, and new companies keep developing products. In this crowded space, few standards exist, and the interconnection is becoming a tough challenge for consumers, slowing down adoption

Energy harvesting to power the rise of the Internet of Things

Development within the domains of Big Data and Internet of Things (IoT) and consequently the diffusion of sensor networks and the desire to replace batteries are major force driving advances in energy harvesting technologies.

Industry 4.0 in agriculture: Focus on IoT aspects

The development of the connectivity of agricultural tools is leading to important progress in agricultural practices. They enable the development of precision agriculture and increase the transparency of the industry. However, they also face significant challenges in the key necessity to enable data exchanges and investment.


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