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Regulation & Standards

Digital transformation brings new technologies, services, or business models.  It thus requires a clear and supportive regulatory environment. A paradigm shift in the EU regulatory environment is needed. Patchworks of national regulations are at risk of becoming rapidly outdated, inappropriate or irrelevant. The challenge for national governments and the EU is to review regulations linked to specific market problems.

Bring Your Own Device: a major security concern

More and more businesses are introducing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programmes believing that they will increase productivity while reducing costs. Simultaneously mobile malware reveals to be one of the ten most common attack types making the corporate network vulnerable, and therefore requiring a stronger IT security system.

Big data: a complex and evolving regulatory framework

Given the rapid development of active technologies based on artificial intelligence and big data, wide array of regulatory challenges is coming and the existence of efficient and appropriate European standards and regulations becomes key to support the competitiveness of EU industries and enterprises.

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