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Cities and regions are entering a new era of transformation. A digital transformation embracing social, economic, urban, mobility, educational, techno- logical and cultural changes. The smart city concept which is gaining momentum globally already highlights the key investments being made for the technological transformation of cities and regions. Further, territories have an important role to play as launch pads for digital transformation by all and for all.

Amsterdam’s collaborative economy

Canals, tulips and coffee shops are probably the first things that come to mind when thinking about Amsterdam. Yet soon, the city will also resonate with “sharing”. In February 2015, Amsterdam was  named the first European Sharing City.  The objective of Amsterdam Sharing City is to use the opportunities that the collaborative economy offers in the fields of sustainability, social cohesion and economy.

Łódzkie: a region specialised in ICT

ICT  is one of the specialisation areas of the region of  Łódzkie. Yet, despite the presence of good ICT systems and applications (possibly provided by businesses) in the region, there is no guarantee that people will also use them. In order to transform the Łódzki region into a digital launch pad, public authorities need to  raise the interest and build digital skills for future users.

New York City: The World's Fastest Growing Startup Technology Center

While New York was lagging behind the Silicon Valley in California and Boston regarding innovation and entrepreneurship before 2010, its recent performances are remarkable. Today, NYC appears as a leading hub for the development of new technology companies thanks to the strong involvement of all the public and private stakeholders.

Lund: the city of ideas

Lund is often called the City of Ideas. It is renowned as the birthplace of many commonplace objects such as the mobile phone, the tetra-pak milk carton and the fingerprint reader to name but a few. Yet, in order to become truly an open innovative city, a collaborative culture of innovation remains to be cultivated.


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