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The automotive industry is one of the most digitised in Europe. At the same time, the impact of digitisation will only increase with the penetration of new and disruptive technologies. It is estimated that 30–40% of the value added in the automotive value chain will shift from traditional car manufacturers towards digital platforms in the near future. The impact of this shift for European companies and employment needs to be better understood.

Adoption of novel technologies across the automative value chain

Initially requiring a high level of manual labour, the automotive industry increasingly introduces robots into its production cycle and is currently boosting its integration of highly innovative smart technologies to further optimise its design and production process.

The race for automotive data: Digital platforms versus automotive manufacturers

The European automotive industry experiences substantial business opportunities in the coming years, especially by means of Digital Platforms and Big Data. Yet, traditional Original Equipement Manufacturers are facing fierce competition from digital players which are also attracted by these opportunities

Autonomous cars – the future of the automotive industry

The digitalisation of the automotive industry is rapidly changing our transport and mobility patterns. Traditional automobile manufacturers are racing to develop fully autonomous vehicles to meet the demands of an increasingly connected and fast-paced world. The digitalisation of the sector is thus becoming crucial to the continued growth of the industry and its diversity, securing its future sustainability.

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