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Substance : Benzoic acid and its sodium salt

Substance Benzoic acid and its sodium salt  
CAS # 65-85-0 / 532-32-1 
EC # 200-618-2 / 208-534-8 
Name of Common Ingredients Glossary BENZOIC ACID; SODIUM BENZOATE 
Regulation (EC) 2009/1223
Regulated By 2007/17/EC
Other Directives/Regulations
Annex/Ref # V/1
Product Type, body parts a) Rinse-off products, except oral care products
b) Oral care products
c) Leave-on products 
Maximum concentration in ready for use preparation a) 2.5% (acid)
b) 1.7% (acid)
c) 0.5% (acid)
Wording of conditions of use and warnings  
SCCS opinions
Chemical/IUPAC Name  
Identified INGREDIENTS or substances e.g.
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