SME self-assessment questionnaire


The objective of this questionnaire is to determine whether your organisation qualifies as a small and medium sized enterprise as defined in the EU Recommendation 2003/361/EC

Important notice:
Potential H2020 applicants looking for the validation interface for the SME Instrument, have to go through the Beneficiary Register
Before Starting
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Before starting the online questionnaire it is strongly recommended that you:

  • Carefully read through both the SME recommendation and the SME user guide
  • Prepare the relevant financial documents of the last closed accounting period (Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounts, Staff Headcount) of your organisation and any other organisation that might be directly or indirectly related to it.

Once you have completed the SME self-assessment wizard, a report summarising the data and result of the SME assessment will be issued.

Once you have read and understood the SME Recommendation and collected the relevant financial documents, you will be ready to start the SME questionnaire.

The only currency used by the SME Self Assessment is Euro (EUR). If you need to convert from a different currency to EUR, consult Inforeuro Website

Most types of corporate structures can be easily encoded in the system. Please contact our helpdesk if your organisation's corporate structure is not supported by the wizard.

If you encounter any difficulty while going through the steps of the SME self-assessment, please use this email for your help requests.

The user manual of the SME Self Assessment Wizard is available at this link SME Self Assessment User Manual

In order to proceed to the wizard please provide the name of your organisation Proceed