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Commission’s actions on entrepreneurship education

Commission’s actions on entrepreneurship education

A coherent framework for entrepreneurship education was presented in the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan and the Communication on Rethinking Education. As education policies are the competence of EU countries, the European Commission acts mainly as a catalyst and a facilitator for the promotion of entrepreneurship education. It focuses on the dissemination of information and the exchange of best practices among EU countries, and on the development of support tools and projects with a high added value at EU level.

How does the Commission promote and support entrepreneurship education?

  • funding to European projects that will create reference models for further exploitation, through calls for proposals (2012, 2009);
  • promoting exchanges of good practice and experiences at the EU level;
  • organising of workshops for policy makers and practitioners;
  • helping policy makers and other stakeholders network;
  • publishing guidelines based on existing good practice in Europe;
  • releasing studies, indicators, and data collection.

Funding opportunities at the European level

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