European Cluster Observatory

European Cluster Observatory

The European Cluster Observatory is a single access point for statistical information, analysis and mapping of clusters and cluster policy in Europe that is foremost aimed at European, national, regional and local policy-makers as well as cluster managers and representatives of SME intermediaries. Continue reading.

Mapping tool

The mapping tool is dedicated to the visualisation of data collected in the context of the cluster observatory.

Map of the European Union

Cluster services

The European Cluster Service Observatory initiative will provide a large range of up-to-date and fact-based cluster mapping and cluster-related reports and services. Continue reading.

Cluster policy

This section provides information on the current and planned cluster policy support initiatives that will be developed through the European Cluster Observatory Initiative. Continue reading.

Reports and downloads

Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard - summary report

Report - Prepared by: Kincső Izsak and Lorena Rivera León, Technopolis Group. May 2016


Regional Ecosystem Scoreboard - methodology report

Report - Prepared by: Lorena Rivera León, Kincső Izsak, Kastalie Bougas and Victoria Soto, Technopolis Group. May 2016


Cluster Programmes in Europe

Report - Prepared by Dr. Gerd Meier zu Köker and Lysann Müller (VDI/VDE-IT). September 2015


European Cluster Panorama 2014

Report - Prepared by: Christian Ketels and Sergiy Protsiv, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, Stockholm School of Economics.

European Cluster Panorama 2016

Report - Prepared by Christian Ketels and Sergiy Protsiv, Center for Strategy and Competitiveness, Stockholm School of Economics.November 2016


Clusters and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Industries

Discussion paper - Prepared by Thomas Lämmer-Gamp, Gerd Meier zu Köcker, Thomas Köhler, Kai Pflanz (VDI/VDE IT GmbH), Kinscö Iszak (Technopolis Group.June 2016

More reports

Priority sector reports

Proceeding reports of the model regions

Scorecards for regions