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Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments

Measuring instruments range from waters meters to weighing machines. They are important for trade, consumers and industry as they ensure accuracy of measurement, transparency and fairness.

Evolution of the legislation

  • Directive 2014/32/EU on measuring instruments (MID), amended by Directive 2015/13/EU, replacing Directive 2004/22/EC:
    • covers 10 categories of measuring instruments, and abolishes the corresponding previous legislation, depending on Framework Directive 2009/34/EC codifying Directive 71/316/EEC
    • adopts a decisively modern regulatory approach, leaving much more room for technological innovation and more choice for manufacturers in conformity assessment procedures
    • aligns Community legislation on international standards, in particular of the OIML and covering the electronic revolution that has characterised measuring instruments since the 1970s
  • Directive 2014/31/EU on non-automatic weighing instruments (NAWI) follows the same approach replacing Directive 2009/23/EC, the codification of the original Directive 90/384/EEC

See the summaries of the legislation on measuring instruments and non-automatic weighing instruments (available in all official EU languages).

Implementation of these Directives takes place in close cooperation with WELMEC, the Western European Legal Metrology Cooperation, which serves as a platform for cooperation among 31 European countries' authorities.

Guidance documents

To ensure a coherent application of the measuring instruments directives, the Commission and WELMEC (European Cooperation in Legal Metrology) prepared a set of guidance.
The guidance documents were agreed by the Commission's working group 'measuring instruments' that is composed of representatives of authorities, European federations, notified bodies and European standardisation organisations. 

More on guidance documents

Report on MID

In 2010 the Commission held a public consultation on the Measuring Instruments Directive 2004/22/EC. The aim of the consultation was to gather feedback on the implementation of the Directive and on the reasons and impacts of possible changes

Supporting information

Simplification of eight legal metrology directives

Legislation on measuring instruments

European standards

The European Commission mandate (782 kB) to CEN, CENELEC and ETSI in the field of measuring instruments is leading to the creation of European standards that will enable interoperability of utility meters (water, gas, electricity and heat) and enhance energy efficiency and user empowerment.

The 2015 mandate M/541 concerns new European standards for the non-exploitation of errors by water and heat meters, metering small-scale delivery of active electricity to the grid and use of energy by electrical vehicles. The new standards are expected to be delivered by the end of 2017.

Normative documents

According to Article 14.2 of Directive 2014/32/EU on measuring instruments, normative documents by the 'Organisation Internationale de la Métrologie Légale' (OIML) may be identified as giving presumption of conformity with the essential requirements of the Directive. To this end, references to the following normative documents have been published in the Official Journal and specific guidance provided (N.B. according to Article 52(2) of Directive 2014/32/EU references to the repealed Directive 2004/22/EC are construed as references to the current Directive):

Normative documentOfficial journalGuidance

Water meters - OIML R 49, 2006 and R 49-2, 2004 - 2004/22/EC MI-001

OJ C 269 of 4.11.2006, p. 1

CT-001, 2006

Gas meters - OIML R 137, 2012 - 2014/32/EU MI-002OJ C 308, 16.9.2017, p. 1

CT-002-I, 2016

Volume conversion devices - OIML R 140, 2007 - 2004/22/EC MI-002 II

OJ C 268 of 10.11.2009, p. 1

CT-002-II, 2009

Active electrical energy meters - OIML R 46, 2012 - 2014/32/EU MI-003OJ C 308, 16.9.2017, p. 7CT-003, 2016

Heat Meters - OIML R 75-1 and R 75-2, 2002 – 2004/22/EC MI-004

OJ C 269 of 4.11.2006, p. 1

CT-004, 2006

Measuring system for the continuous and dynamic measurement for quantities of liquids other then water - OIML R 117-1, 2007 - 2004/22/EC MI-005

OJ C 33 of 2.2.2011, p. 1

CT-005, 2010

Automatic catchweighing instruments - OIML R 51-1, 2006 - 2004/22/EC MI-006 II

OJ C 109 of 16.4.2013, p1

CT-006-II, 2013

Automatic gravimetric filling instruments - OIML R 61-1, 2004 - 2004/22/EC MI-006 III

OJ C 76 of 14.3.2014, p. 1

CT-006-III, 2014

Discontinuous totalisers - OIML R 107-1, 1997 - 2004/22/EC MI-006 IV

OJ C 76 of 14.3.2014, p. 1

CT-006-IV, 2014

Continuous totalisers - OIML R 50-1, 1997 - 2004/22/EC MI-006 V

OJ C 76 of 14.3.2014, p. 1

CT-006-V, 2014

Automatic rail weighbridges - OIML R 106-1, 1997 - 2004/22/EC MI-006 VI

OJ C 76 of 14.3.2014, p. 1

CT-006-VI, 2014

Taximeters - OIML R 21, 2007 - 2004/22/EC MI-007 II

OJ C 443 of 11.12.2014

CT-007-II, 2015

Capacity serving measures -OIML R 138, 2007 - 2004/22/EC MI-008 II

OJ C 268 of 10.11.2009, p. 1

CT-008-II, 2008

Length measuring instruments - OIML R 66, 1985 - 2004/22/EC MI-009 II

OJ C 269 of 4.11.2006, p. 1

CT-009-II, 2006

Area measuring instruments - OIML R 136-1, 2004 - 2004/22/EC MI-009 III

OJ C 269 of 4.11.2006, p. 1

CT-009-III, 2006

Multidimensional measuring instruments - OIML R 129, 2000 - 2004/22/EC MI-009 IV

OJ C 269 of 4.11.2006, p. 1

CT-009-IV, 2006

Exhaust gas analyser - OIML R 99-1 & 2, 2008 - 2004/22/EC MI-010

OJ C 33 of 2.2.2011, p. 1

CT-010, 2010


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