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Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Single Market Programme (SMP)

This webpage covers the Single Market Programme (SMP) strictly as part of funding projects related to tourism.

Why is it relevant to tourism?

The SMP Work Programme 2021 aims to provide EU countries the tools to recover and repair from the Covid-19 crisis. The final objective is to make the Single Market stronger and more resilient. The 2021 work programme is composed of five annexes, which are aligned with the overall objectives of the SMP. Annex 2 is relevant for the field as it focuses on improving the competitiveness of enterprises, particularly SMEs, and supporting their access to markets, including businesses from the tourism sector.

Overview of tourism-related components

Four relevant calls for proposals will come out in 2021. They will be related to Annex 2 of the 2021 Work Programme

  • 2.6 COVID-19 Recovery – Sustainable growth in tourism – support to SMEs
  • 2.7 Improving socio-economic knowledge of the EU tourism ecosystem
  • 2.8 Promoting trans-European tourism products in third countries
  • 3.8 Crisis management and governance in tourism

Details of the programme

The SMP has a €4.2 billion budget for the 2021-2027 period. It focuses on the following main areas of action: improve the governance of the internal market, strengthen the competitiveness of EU industry especially SMEs, promote human, animal, plant health and animal welfare, and establish the framework for European statistics. The SMP combines activities from predecessor programmes which, in synergy with new activities as well, aim to preserve the correct functioning of the internal market, even under challenging circumstances.

Additional information and how to apply

Programme specific website: not yet available

General information on SMP (

Find call for proposals (

Examples of supported projects

Examples from the COSME programme, a predecessor of SMP

Project Title: FAMOUS Project – Movie Travel (Brand of the FAMOUS Project)

Description: Movie Travel aims to create itineraries and cultural experiences across UNESCO sites (European destinations) that have appeared in well-renowned movies or that host international film festivals. The FAMOUS project offers the opportunity to join an international network with great expansion possibilities in a sector that year after year improves its market share in the European economy. The project involves a consortium of 8 partners from Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Malta and Spain.

EU contribution: €286,630

Level of EU funding: 75%

Link to project:


Project Title: The Wildsea Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route: A dive into adventure

Description: The project aims to develop the first European, sustainable diving route and network connecting world-class diving sites from the extreme south in Portugal and Spain to the far north, encompassing Ireland and the UK. The route will promote Europe’s 5,000 km of Atlantic and flagship diving sites, which will encourage transnational tourism itineraries and destinations in synergy with water sports and Europe’s unique, Atlantic marine cultural heritage, leading to an innovative product.

EU contribution: €299,920

Level of EU funding: 75%

Link to project: The WILDSEA Atlantic Heritage, and The Wildsea Atlantic Ocean Heritage Route (

Links to several sustainable transnational tourism products co-funded through the COSME programme

Database of examples

Not (yet) available

COSME data hub (predecessor of SMP)