Vidaus rinka, pramonė, verslumas ir MVĮ


Embedded thumbnail for Overcoming barriers to change, next steps and looking towards the future
In this 15th and final session, we will review various concepts that we've covered in this series, while looking ahead to the future of tourism in an increasingly digital world.
Embedded thumbnail for Remote working and the cloud
In this webinar, we will explain the concept of remote working and the cloud. We’ll explain how one can integrate these concepts into a tourism business to help streamline processes, the way business functions and team members’ performance.
Embedded thumbnail for Digital collaboration
In this webinar, we will be delving into different types of digital collaboration tools, to see how these can be applied in a business context by tourism SMEs.
Embedded thumbnail for Data and analytics
In this webinar, we will look at the importance and the impact of data and analytics. In turn, we will discuss how you can use the available information to increase business reach, and ultimately profitability.
Embedded thumbnail for Process digitalisation
In this webinar, we will be looking into the process of digitisation, which can be applied to reimagine business processes to achieve a competitive advantage.
Embedded thumbnail for Customer feedback, social customer service and reputation management
In webinar 10, we will look at how the rapid growth of connectivity and social media has led to the necessity for businesses to be able to respond to their clients’ needs 24/7. We will delve into the different ways that you can offer this level of service to your customers. We will also show you tips and tricks on how to handle different types of feedback and requests professionally while...
Embedded thumbnail for The digital customer experience
In this webinar, we will look at the customer's experience with a business’s digital channels. You will understand how digital technologies can enhance this experience and help to increase company revenues.
Embedded thumbnail for Social media marketing management - LinkedIn & other channels
In this webinar, we will look how you can use LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Google+ to promote your tourism business.
Embedded thumbnail for Social media marketing management - Twitter
Social media is a critical aspect of tourism SMEs’ online presence and engagement with their audience. As such, this webinar will explore the different ways of maximising the different features that Twitter, as a leading social media platform, has to offer.
Embedded thumbnail for Social media marketing management - Facebook
This webinar, focuses on Facebook, as one of the leading social media platforms. It highlights why this platform should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy and suggests how to set up and build traction for more exposure.
Embedded thumbnail for Evaluating your website and website marketing
Websites and website marketing are tools. In this webinar, we cover how they can either increase client traffic when used correctly, or can act as barriers to business development when they are not given enough consideration.
Embedded thumbnail for Developing a content plan
This webinar focuses on how to create a successful and on-message content plan. One that will not only adequately reflect the core aims of your business, but that will build your online brand, and attract new customers.
Embedded thumbnail for Developing your digital action plan
Webinar 3 explores the key issues and steps in developing your digital action plan to support business growth and competitiveness.
Embedded thumbnail for Your digital audit
Webinar 2 encourages you to move to the next step by evaluating the digital progress you have made, benchmarked against where you should be. The resulting ‘gap analysis’ provides a strong foundation for developing a digital action plan. This will help you identify the key actions and initiatives you should take to improve your use of digital technology.
Embedded thumbnail for Your digital landscape (24:05)
Webinar 1 provides the background for this series – it presents a short overview of the range of digital technologies impacting European tourism, with specific reference to the opportunities and threats faced by SMEs.