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Your Learning Space

Your Learning Space

Your Learning Space shows kids how important space is in their everyday lives. It also aims to encourage them to study science and technology. The material on the page is fun and educational. Parents and teachers may also find it interesting.

Did you know?

The following material includes interesting information about space applications and their daily uses. There are videos, interactive posters, and a quiz. Click on the buttons to discover amazing facts about space and watch a video about space exploration. Also be sure to test your knowledge with the space quiz!

All U Need is Space comic


To be used in schools or at home, the “All U Need Is Space” comic aims at explaining in a fun way how space technologies and applications improve our daily lives through a series of practical examples. This comic also aims to raise interest in science and technology by showcasing the inspirational power of space.

All U Need Is Space takes us to a day in the life of a teenage schoolgirl named Elena. On each page she is confronted with a different situation related to specific topics (eg. weather forecast, pollution, remote medical assistance, automated cars, agriculture, and climate change). It also features a game on every page, which makes the reading more fun for kids.

Today is a normal day in Elena's life: she goes to school, meets her friends, makes fun of her father and little brother and visits her daydreaming grandmother.

But during the course of the day, Elena will discover that so many of the little things she does are made possible or easier thanks to space technology and science.

Why not play a game while reading Elena's story? Elena has a lot of imagination. She loves sci-fi films, especially those related to space. On each page, you'll find at least one reference to a famous film or TV series. See how many you can spot.

How many films have you spotted? See the whole list (534 kB).

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