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Postal sector studies

Postal sector studies

Postal sector studies 2021

Postal sector studies 2019

Postal sector studies 2018

Postal sector studies 2015

Postal sector studies 2014

Design and development of initiatives to support the growth of e-commerce via better functioning parcel delivery systems in Europe (WIK Consult, August 2014)

Postal sector studies 2013

Main developments in the postal sector, 2010–2013 (WIK Consult/Jim Campbell, August 2013)

E-commerce and delivery - Study on the state of play of EU parcel markets with particular emphasis on e-commerce (Copenhagen Economics, July 2013)

Postal sector studies 2012

Study on the pricing behavior of postal operators and its effect on postal markets (Copenhagen Economics – December 2012)

Study on the principles used to calculate the net costs of the postal USO (Frontier Economics – December 2012)

Postal sector studies 2011

Study on intra-community cross-border parcel delivery (FTI Consulting, December 2011)

Study on appropriate methodologies to better measure consumer preferences for postal services (Rand EUROPE, 2011)

Postal sector studies 2010

Main developments in the postal sector (2008–2010) (Copenhagen Economics, November 2010)

Study on the external dimension of the EU postal acquis (WIK-Consult/Jim Campbell)

Postal sector studies 2009

The role of regulators in a more competitive postal market (WIK-Consult, September 2009)

The evolution of the european postal market since 1997 (ITA Consulting and WIK-Consult, August 2009)

Postal sector studies 2008

Main developments in the postal sector, 2006-2008 (Ecorys, September 2008)

Postal sector studies 2006

The impact on universal service of the full market accomplishment of the postal internal market in 2009 (PricewaterhouseCoopers, May 2006)

Main developments in the postal sector, 2004–2006 (WIK Consult, May 2006)

Postal sector studies 2005

Study on the evolution of the regulatory model for European postal services (WIK Consult, July 2005)

Study on the development of competition in the European postal sector (Ecorys, July 2005)

Postal sector studies 2004

Study on main developments in the European postal sector (WIK Consult, July 2004)

Study about the economics of postal services (NERA, July 2004)

Study of the relationship between the constitution, rules and practice of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO), in particular the GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services), and European Community (EC) law (TMC Asser Institute, July 2004)

Postal sector studies 2003

Quality of service objectives, performance and measurement in relation to community universal postal service (August 2003)

Survey on some main aspects of postal networks in EU adhesion candidate countries (August 2003)

Postal sector studies 2002

Study on employment trends in the European postal sector (PLS Rambøll, October 2002)

Postal sector studies 2001

Study on the cost accounting systems of providers of the universal postal service (CTcon, July 2001)

Study on the conditions governing access to universal postal services and networks (CTcon, July 2001)

Study on the impact of certain aspects of the application of Directive 97/67 EC on the postal sector (Omega Partners, August 2001)

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