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The European Commission provides a range of guidance documents to assist stakeholders in implementing the medical devices regulations.

Legally non-binding guidance documents, adopted by the medical device coordination group (MDCG) in accordance with Article 105 of Regulation 745/2017, pursue the objective of ensuring uniform application of the relevant provisions of the regulations within the EU.

MDCG endorsed documents

32 documents as of December 2019

MDCG work in progress

Ongoing guidance documents

MDCG 2019-1MDCG guiding principles for issuing entities rules on basic UDI-DIJanuary 2019
MDCG 2019-2Guidance on application of UDI rules to device-part of products referred to in article 1(8), 1(9) and 1(10) of Regulation 745/2017February 2019
MDCG 2018-1 v2Guidance on basic UDI-DI and changes to UDI-DIFebruary 2019
MDCG 2018-2Future EU medical device nomenclature - Description of requirementsMarch 2018
MDCG 2018-3Guidance on UDI for systems and procedure packsOctober 2018
MDCG 2018-4Definitions/descriptions and formats of the UDI core elements for systems or procedure packsOctober 2018
MDCG 2018-5UDI assignment to medical device softwareOctober 2018
MDCG 2018-6Clarifications of UDI related responsibilities in relation to article 16October 2018
MDCG 2018-7Provisional considerations regarding language issues associated with the UDI databaseOctober 2018
MDCG 2019-4Timelines for registration of device data elements in EUDAMEDApril 2019
MDCG 2019-5Registration of legacy devices in EUDAMEDApril 2019
European Medical Device Nomenclature (EMDN)
The EMDN – The nomenclature of use in EUDAMEDJanuary 2020
The CND nomenclature – Background and general principlesJanuary 2020
Notified bodies
MDCG 2019-14Explanatory note on MDR codesDecember 2019
MDCG 2019-13Guidance on sampling of devices for the assessment of the technical documentationDecember 2019
MDCG 2019-12Designating authority's final assessment form: Key information (EN)October 2019
MDCG 2019-10Application of transitional provisions concerning validity of certificates issued in accordance to the directivesOctober 2019
MDCG 2019-6 v2Questions and answers: Requirements relating to notified bodiesOcotober2019
MDCG 2018-8Guidance on content of the certificates, voluntary certificate transfersNovember 2018
NBOG BPG 2017-1Best practice guidance on designation and notification of conformity assessment bodiesFebruary 2018
NBOG BPG 2017-2Best practice guidance on the information required for personnel involved in conformity assessment



February 2018
NBOG F 2017-1Application form to be submitted by a conformity assessment body when applying for designation as notified body under the medical devices regulation (MDR)



February 2018
NBOG F 2017-2Application form to be submitted by a conformity assessment body when applying for designation as a notified body under the in vitro diagnostic devices regulation (IVDR)February 2018
NBOG F 2017-3Applied-for scope of designation and notification of a conformity assessment body – Regulation (EU) 2017/745 (MDR)February 2018
NBOG F 2017-4Applied-for scope of designation and notification of a conformity assessment body – Regulation (EU) 2017/746 (IVDR)February 2018
NBOG F 2017-5Preliminary assessment review template (MDR)February 2018
NBOG F 2017-6Preliminary assessment review template (IVDR)February 2018
NBOG F 2017-7Review of qualification for the authorisation of personnel (MDR)February 2018
NBOG F 2017-8Review of qualification for the authorisation of personnel (IVDR)February 2018
Clinical investigation and evaluation
MDCG 2019-9Summary of safety and clinical performanceAugust 2019
New technologies
MDCG 2019-11Qualification and classification of software - Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and Regulation (EU) 2017/746October 2019
MDCG 2019-16Guidance on cybersecurity for medical devicesDecember 2019
Other topics
MDCG 2019-15Guidance notes for manufacturers of class I medical devicesDecember 2019
MDCG 2019-7Guidance on article 15 of the medical device regulation (MDR) and in vitro diagnostic device regulation (IVDR) on a ‘person responsible for regulatory compliance’ (PRRC)June 2019
MDCG 2019-8Guidance document implant card on the application of Article 18 Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on medical devicesJune 2019
MDCG 2019-3Interpretation of article 54(2)bMarch 2019

Other guidance documents

SCHEER guidelinesGuidelines on the benefit-risk assessment of the presence of phthalates in certain medical devices
covering phthalates which are carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic to reproduction (CMR) or have endocrine-disrupting (ED) properties
June 2019