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Review of the CPR

Review of the CPR

Following the publication of the July 2016 implementation report, the communication 'clean energy for all Europeans' announced a possible revision of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in November 2016.

Subsequently, the Commission decided in 2016 to launch an evaluation and an impact assessment. Due to the complexity of the process, the evaluation and the impact assessment were later decoupled. 

The evaluation was finalised and published in October 2019. The review process was confirmed by the European green deal in December 2019 and the circular economy action plan in March 2020.

More information

Evalution of the CPR


See below for summaries of dialogues on various issues between the Commission and the main stakeholders through technical platforms.

Reports and studies

Several Commission reports and studies supported the whole process.

See below for the findings of a specific external study carried out to collect evidence for the evaluation of the CPR and the impact assessment of future potential options. 

Public consultation

public consultation took place between January and April 2018 to gather experiences, views and opinions of interested stakeholders and the public on the internal market for construction products. See the summary of results


Impact assessment and preparation of a new proposal

Options for the future

Assessment of impacts and provisional timeline

September 2019: An external supporting study was launched to collect evidence from stakeholders. 

June-August 2020: A new public consultation will be carried out to further deepen the analysis of future impacts.

  • We will add details here upon the launch.