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CPR Acquis

CPR Acquis

Simultaneously with the impact assessment and the preparation of a new proposal, the Commission initiated dialogue with EU countries to plan for and organise future work to adapt the Acquis (i.e. the harmonised standards, the European assessment documents and the legal acts of the European Commission). Adapting the Acquis is necessary in any case and irrespective of the final form the revision may take.


The original process for delivering harmonised technical specifications under the Construction Products Directive (CPD), and continued under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR), lacks coherence. The evaluation of the CPR also states that the current process of developing technical specifications is underperforming.

Existing harmonised technical specifications are mostly incomplete as they are CPD-based and fail to address the specificities of the CPR. To a large extent, they do not even cover most of the basic work requirements (BWR) set out in Annexe I to the CPR. As a result, several product groups that could benefit from harmonisation are not covered at all, and those that are have incomplete coverage.


The purpose is to ensure the compliance of the Acquis with the revised or current CPR. Not all acts belonging to the Acquis can be revised at the same time. Accordingly, work includes identifying criteria to prioritise and assess product families before revising the technical specifications. We expect the first two product families as prioritised to be operational by the second quarter of 2021.

This workstream is necessary regardless of whether the CPR will be revised or not. In case the CPR is not revised, it will allow for better planning of new standardisation requests, European Commission acts, and work of the European Organisation for Technical Assessment (EOTA). In case of a revision of the CPR, the management of the Acquis might also become the logistic basis for the adoption of technical specifications by the European Commission if legislators opt for this path.
For this exercise, the European Commission has established a continuous dialogue with the national authorities. Stakeholders are invited to participate in this process as soon as it moves to more operational stages.

Two dedicated questions and answers sessions on the CPR Acquis took place with CPR stakeholders on 1 July 2020 and 13 July 2020.
Another meeting with CPR stakeholders is scheduled for 28 April 2021.